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Time the announcement of your new book with an important, relevant news event, blockbuster movie or trade show. Create a readers guide at the end of your book. Learn some copywriting principles.

Hone your copywriting and content marketing skills and turn your audience into book buyers. Not sure how? Gain marketing information and insights from outside the writing industry that you can tweak and apply to your book marketing strategy music industry, small business start-ups. Get a professional and distinctive author photo. Use this image across all your social media profiles, on your site, at the end of your book along with your author bio and on your print materials.

Create a press release. A good press release will include the information needed for a reporter or blogger to understand the news value of your story. Then submit your press release to free press release distribution sites. Get media savvy. Develop a relationship with local media, including radio, newspaper and tv connections. Find an angle that hooks reporters and will benefit their readers or viewers. Pitch articles, interviews and relevant blog posts. Read marketing, blogging and social media roundup posts.

Save time! Take advantage of resources provided by other bloggers and writers that scour the web for you, and dish up the best of the best around the web. Guest post frequently and strategically. Create bookmarks. Old school, but still effective. Include an image of your book cover, your hook or logline, as well as your website and contact info. If you think your audience will understand and use a QR code, include one on your bookmark or other print materials. Be friendly. Introduce yourself and get to know the owners and staff at local, independent bookstores. Contact genre experts and well known book review blogger sites.

Who do you know? Who do you need to know? Step outside your comfort zone and devise a plan to reach out to these people. Tempt your readers with more. Insert sample chapters from the next book in a series at the end of your current book to pull your readers in. Use categories to streamline and increase discoverability.

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Test out your new copywriting skills and create. Write a series. Advertise your previous works in each book you publish. Create a promo kit. Include graphics, images, links, excerpts, and sample Facebook shares and Tweets, that can be sent to bloggers upon request.

Participate in a podcast tour. Do some research to find author friendly podcasts , or use your connections to create your own podcast tour. Attend live networking events, conferences and expos. Attend, or write a proposal to present at an event, to gain connections, increase you credibility and develop a supportive network of influencers. Update your email signature. For every email you send, ensure that you include info on your new or upcoming book and a link back to your blog or book website.

Develop a workshop based on your books content. Design or re-design a book cover that sells. Commission a professional to design a cover that is not only striking, but clear and readable even as a small thumbnail. Design a launch strategy that works.

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Your book launch requires a lot more prep and strategy than several Tweets and a beseeching email to friends and family. Sign up for the Amazon Affiliate Program. Add to your income by earning fees on all qualified purchases through your affiliate link not just on your books. Give details on how readers can connect with you via email, your author website or through social media.

Writing is your business. Submit your article to a link roundup. If you are creating exceptional content on your author blog you are, right?

It may not always be accepted, but when it is, you will get a back link as well as an influx of high quality visitors to your site. Is this view correct? Furthermore, am I correct in assuming that income continues to pour into your coffers from new sales of the aforementioned books? That would be great! Thanks Firth. Great observation on the books thing. I never understood why BookTrckr the software I use to get my daily book income report from all platforms had that number.

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Thanks, Dave for this rich post. I never knew there was a thing like this.

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Will find it very useful. Hi Ohita.. Although, just yesterday, I finally moved back to the US. I have never heard all these steps spelled out so succintly in one place. Thank you! Suddenly book marketing research seems do-able. Validating your book idea can really help. And that…is powerful knowledge as well. This post is high on my list of what it means to provide valuable content.

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Super useful and helpful. Thanks, Evan! That really means a lot to hear. Is that the correct link?