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Not the vase. Please not the vase. The jade-colored ornamental pot thing had belonged to his grandmother, and though he thought it was pretty damn ugly, it still held a place in his heart. There were eight guests left in the hotel, four of whom were…kids. When their parents had died, Tasha had been seventeen. She had been well on the way to having her own life, and his input had mostly become about his career and money as a means of supporting her.

The parent of the child closest to the terracotta pot that had been knocked over and now lay in several pieces on the floor reprimanded her son and looked apologetically toward Lucas. Before Lucas could muster the energy to deal with the broken pottery, Agnes, their housekeeper, appeared from out of nowhere, shooing the children away as she picked up the pieces of the pot and put them into a black bag. Lucas mouthed her a thank you.

Lucas glanced over his shoulder and nodded. Everybody was checked out. It was just a case of waiting for Dylan to return with the Liberty. He rested his elbows on the front desk. Lucas came home one evening to find the pair visiting Tasha.

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The first thing the three-year-old boy had done was run up to Lucas and hug his leg, leaving a greasy handprint on his pants. A full-on meltdown was likely. Maybe fish.

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Did you discuss plans for a second boat yet? A new, bigger boat was what Lucas had in mind, but Dylan was being incredibly stubborn over the Lady Liberty. It had gotten to the stage that not even a fresh coat of paint could disguise just how tired the Liberty was. You know it. Dominiq knows it.

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Fondness for the chef warmed his chest. But it seemed Dominiq would be leaving the kitchen in equally capable hands. Adam had proved to be a breath of fresh air. The man was just as passionate about his food and organic produce, but he brought with him youth and his own ideas. It was interesting to watch the two men work together.

Like a well-oiled machine, they knew exactly how to work as a team, each doing what they needed to produce exquisite meals for their guests. Everyone would miss Dominiq in the kitchen and the man himself was irreplaceable. He was like this huge teddy bear, good for a hug, but also wise and fatherly.

He patted Jamie on the back. Taking a deep breath, Lucas looked out across the beach and to the sea. He squinted, looking for Lady Liberty on the horizon. He took the few steps to the path and then started a slow walk around the hotel. It seemed like just yesterday they were making plans to spend Christmas with friends and family. The Lamberts had opted for a white Christmas and had planned the second part of their honeymoon back in Vermont, which had given him and Dylan the opportunity to have a wedding-free Christmas for the first time in three years, with the next wedding not booked in until the thirtieth for the New Year.

Scott had worked incredibly hard the last two seasons in order to get the overgrown garden back under control.

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He had cleared the paths from weeds, thinned out the borders, and trimmed back the trees. Lucas knew very little about plants and soil and shade, but he could appreciate the effort Scott had put in to make the garden as beautiful as it was. Checking the time, he made his way through the garden and around the back of the hotel. They had caught up in August as they always did when he and Dylan returned to the mainland for a short while during the stormy season in the Bahamas. She had looked good, and there was no doubt she and Liam were as much in love as the day they married. Lucas was glad to be able to spend Christmas Day with her this year.

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Lucas stopped on the patio and glanced at the hotel. Should he feel bad he had left Jamie in there alone? Did he? Hell, no.

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Who would want to try and steal a kettle? He closed his eyes and rubbed the back of his neck. He smiled as he fingered the hair at his collar. He wore his hair longer these days. For him it was a way to embrace his new life. He may be the levelheaded, often seen as the more boring of the pair of him and Dylan, but he was enjoying the freedom Sapphire Cay offered.

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No set hours, no ulcers, no stress. He sighed inwardly as he corrected himself. Some stress. He was tanned and healthy and slept peacefully each night beside the man he loved. Sunlight caught the silver band on his right hand. Besides, there was no rush. He was happy as he was.

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They both were. Thank you for your kind words and for sharing about your experience! We're are so happy to hear that you enjoyed exploring the Mangrove Lagoon with us and had the chance to take one of our tours after so many years! We'll look forward to welcoming you again next year! Did this as a small group of 9 from a BIG cruise ship. Which was great in itself. Group was allocated a main guide, a backup marine biologist and a photographer. Briefings on kayaking and snorkelling were given, which was good but asking a small group like ours about previous experience might have made it feel a little less patronising.

The kayaks were good and it was a fair workout to get to the Caye. Next came the hermit crab race, you have to have been there, then a short hike to the coral wall to see the rock pools. Returning to the beach we then had an excellent guided snorkel. The only negative was no fins were available, which would have made this a much more comfortable experience. A great trip all in all. Thank you for sharing about your experience with us! We're so happy to hear that you enjoyed exploring and learning about the Mangrove Lagoon, Cas Cay, and other sites on this tour.

We regret that the safety briefings may have felt patronizing to you, but making sure our guests feel safe and confident in our activities is one of our top priorities.

Chase The Sun (Sapphire Cay, book 3) by Meredith Russell and RJ Scott

Going over details, tips, and techniques is potentially helpful, even to the most experienced guests. We have found that this and other guide methods we use can help ensure that everyone has the best time possible. We were there in February First we booked a guided bird kayak tour of Mangrove Lagoon for a few hours. It was Super Bowl Sunday and they called after booking to try and talk us out of the trip.

We showed up anyway and the waited for our guide who wa late. After arriving with no apology they were pretty slow in getting us on the water. The guide was an early 20's youngster who knew absolutely nothing about birds except that there were some around. We paddled through the marina and out to Cass Caye. Pretty bird poor, but still a nice little mangrove island. After a half hour on the caye we simply paddled back through the underwhelming mangrove lagoon.

Pleasant evening, but in no way should you book this if you are a birder who is actually looking for birds. This outfit appears to be operated by youngsters who likely don't get paid much but are glad to have a job. They really don't strike me as the "ecotour type" as the company name suggests. That said, we had a great time on our own on mangrove lagoon.